Mr. Insulation Co. raises home R value above code

by / Thursday, 26 February 2015 / Published in News

Utilizing a double layer model of polyurethane spray foam and fiberglass batt roll insulation, Randy Moulton of Mr. Insulation has raised the R-value to R26 for the exterior walls, over the R21 code rating. R-value is the measure of thermal resistance; it depends on a solid material’s resistance to conductive heat transfer. The higher value of R, the better the building insulation’s theoretical effectiveness.

The practice of spraying an insulating foam, instead of caulking holes and seams, prior to filling the remaining cavity with batt insulation is not a standard practice. This process marks another upgrade for the Fieldstone #1 property. The higher R-value will increase the comfortability of the home and should be very low cost to heat and cool the space.

Mr. Insulation took further steps within the home to increase the ambient comfort level. All internal walls will be insulated, which is an upgrade providing for sound deadening. The garage walls and ceiling will also be insulated.

“The Columbia Basin Student Homebuilders Program is a great opportunity for students who are interested to learn the homebuilding process,” said Moulton. “I think every kid should come out and try their hand at homebuilding. This project is great for the community and Northeast Oregon Home Builders Association as well. It is a great partnership.”